Community Acupuncture

What to expect

Community acupuncture treatments are provided in reclining chairs in a shared space. Community acupuncturists focus on distal points on the body (legs, arms, head, ears, and sometimes the abdomen/chest according to a patient's comfort level). Patients remain fully clothed, and wear comfortable clothing that is easy to adjust to allow treatment on the lower legs and arms. Effective treatments can be provided only using the hands and feet and/or head and ears if a patient prefers. 

On your first visit your acupuncturist will do a brief intake to support a treatment strategy and plan that works for you. After the intake we'll get you settled in a recliner, insert the needles, and allow you to relax and receive the treatment for up to 1 hour. The length of the treatment is your choice, however, we recommend relaxing for at least 30 minutes for the treatment to have the greatest impact. During your treatment, your acupuncturist will be close at hand to provide any support you may need. 

What can community acupuncture support?

Community acupuncture can support healing from both acute and chronic conditions, including: