Greater Good Community Acupuncture, llc

Effective, Affordable, Inclusive

Pay what you can: $25-$45

($10 new patient fee)


Greater Good Community Acupuncture is a mission-driven, socially conscious, healthcare business. We seek to increase healthcare access in the community by providing effective, affordable and inclusive acupuncture treatments. By offering acupuncture in a community setting, treatments are able to be provided more affordably, allowing more people to get more acupuncture, and therefore make more progress on their treatment goals. There is something special about healing together in a shared space -- we hope you will try it and see for yourself! 

Why Dandelions?

Greater Good Community Acupuncture's logo and imagery are based on the dandelion, which we consider to be one of the most resilient plants. Dandelions grow in almost any soil, and their sturdy and wide-spreading roots help aerate the soil, prevent erosion, and even draw up nutrients from deeper layers. All of these properties can support soil health and the growth of other plants. As we've all witnessed, dandelions are among the most efficient and effective seed spreaders there are. And to top it off, they are believed to support immunity, reduce inflammation, and support organ function. We can't think of a better plant mascot for our mission of spreading acupuncture access!