About Kerri

 Kerri Quinlan, L.Ac & Founder

Kerri is a licensed acupuncturist in Leadville, Colorado. She opened Greater Good Community Acupuncture in 2023 after more than 15 years of supporting health equity initiatives through non-profit and governmental roles. Acupuncture was extremely helpful in managing her own chronic health issues over the years, however affordability often impacted her ability to access treatments consistently. 

Kerri considers herself fortunate to have found and studied at the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture Technical Institute, where she delivered 650 community acupuncture treatments as a student in Portland, Oregon's revolutionary Working Class Acupuncture clinics. Her acupuncture education included the study of ancient and modern acupuncture traditions, and was rooted in trauma-informed, equitable, and inclusive practices that support people from all walks of life in accessing the benefits of acupuncture. As a practitioner, she is invested in discovering what works for patients as individuals, valuing patients' insights into their own health, and working together to find effective solutions. Bringing people relief through acupuncture is the best thing she could ever do with her time.